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Stormy Weather

Spring is in the air in Texas today. Some of the trees have tentatively unwrapped their first new shoots of the year. It’s very brave o f them, considering how changeable the Texas weather is. Only last week, we had a tornado warning, which was very exciting. The nasty storm — from the first rumbles to the last drizzle — blew over in about an hour. I didn’t see a twister though 🙂 🙁

It’s Spring Break, so schools are out, older kids are getting drunk on beaches somewhere, or passing beads & bugs around in New Orleans. Parents of younger kids have taken time off work to holiday with their little ones. And just in time for Spring Break, the sunny weather is back! I am so happy about this. I have realised that I have no use for winter. Well, to be specific, I have no use for grey and overcast skies. Winter is OK as long as the sky is blue and sun is bright. I need to live in the mountains, maybe…

Well, my kids and I have had a lazy morning (“No, we are tired of going out, we want to stay in a play!”) but now we need to go out and shop…

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