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Aesthetic Eugenics

Here’s the original post asking for participants:

Hello and thanks for your interest!

I am running an experimental art project to explore the effects of social network technology on an image, as it relates to artistic judgements.

Would you like to take part? It will take no more than a few minutes of your time, spread out over a week or so.

– Over the course of a few days I will tweet an image with the hashtag #AEtwitter2 (then #AEtwitter23, #AEtwitter4…)

– All you have to do is view the image in my tweet on your device of choice, capture it with a digital photograph, a screenshot or any way you want and return it to me on twitter, using the same #AEtwitter1 (or 2 or 3…) hashtag

– For example you could view the image on your computer and photograph the screen with your phone
– You could print the image out and then photograph the printout
– You could display the image on your phone and scan your phone

– The captured image doesn’t need to be careful – bad focus, unusual angles, strange color balance… they’re all good!

…any way that you want to display the image and re-capture it works. It can be as simple or as complex as you like!

– After each round of image captures I will pick one image and use that as the basis of the next round

– By the end of the experiment we will have a very different image from the one we started with – an artwork created by me, you and our technological interventions.

– You don’t have to do all the rounds, and you don’t have to be in from the start.

If you’ve just followed my link here from a tweet, just grab the image in my latest tweet, capture it somehow and send it back

thank you!