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Sculptural Video Installations


I have shown my installations in many locations, including the Dallas Arboretum, Aurora 2013, Aurora 2015 (on the rooftop of Zhulong Gallery), Tarrant County College and CentralTrak Artist’s Residency. My installations are part sculpture, part digital video art, and part immersive experience.

Anthropocene (2016)


Snagged (2015)


Nothing Stays Put (2015) was commissioned by Zhulong Gallery, Dallas, as part of the Aurora 2015 art festival. The installation was based on several octagons, each a curved seven-foot-tall wall with doorways, and was designed as an immersive, architectonic experience. It was created by myself, Lauren Cadieaux and Liz Trosper (the Inside/Out Collective).





“Silent Spring”

Aurora 2013




Empires of Dirt (2014)

Installation at CentralTrak Artist’s Residency, with Liz Trosper



A small portion of installation “Open Enclosure” (2015) (collaboration with Liz Trosper)