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I am gripped by the drama that is airing regularly on US TV. The best thing on tele over here, are the adverts for Gladware vs Ziploc. My my, what will they invent next? Last night, in a gripping piece of drama, Gladware proved that it has just topped Ziploc big time — I thought Ziploc were pretty unbeatable with their single-push lid, for the ultimate seal. In the previous installment of the Ziploc ad, the housewife using Gladware glumly admitted: My Gladware can’t do that!

But Gladware hit back last night, and raised the stakes, building the tension as to what on earth they can come up with next.

They have invented a kind of clingfilm that is more rigid, but seals with just one brush of a perfectly manicured hand, forming an unbeatable seal, just like a lid, but you can cut it to any shape. Amazing! As Gladware housewife says, as she turns her tub of perfectly sealed soup upside down: there’s nothing like this from Ziploc!

I await the next development with baited breath!

Who needs cable when you’ve entertainment like this?

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