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So, we’ve been here four months, nearly to the day. That’s our physical reality. Our mental and emotional reality is telling us that we’ve been here for many eventful months, and England feels a very long way in our past. What do we miss? Well, mainly the UK’s television output, of which we get a few pieces over here, on BBC America (but someone should tell them that Changing Rooms should be changed to a very very dark room, with no doors). One it can’t get out of. We miss our friends and family of course, but they are really still a part of our lives, and the sad fact is that now we are thousands of miles away, we contact them more than we did before. We aren’t squeezing everything into a few exhausted moments every Saturday.

Life for me, as a non-employed Mum (or Mom!), is strange and wonderful, like a brand new species of butterfly. This life floats, and flutters, carried by no particular breeze or current, just hopping around on approximately the same course each day. There’s time to settle and rest on flowers that catch my fancy, and there’s enough routine to make it seem normal.

I paint now, which I haven’t done before, although painting is in my blood and heritage.

Daniel works hard here, but he’s always home for supper, and our weekends are just as wonderful as before without the pressure of knowing our week will mean not seeing each other. He is really stimulated by his new company and role, and sees a lot of a potential to grow and evolve with them.

It’s autumn now, and the intense heat has cooled into the most pleasant English summer day, yellow sun and a tender green breeze, the trees still clothed in silver grey and emerald leaves. Now we can walk in the lovely and surprisingly frequent woodlands, in conformt, without fear of dehydration (I’m serious about that one 🙂

Autumn in Texas is something special, like a good English summer. It’s a very hopeful and comfortable season.

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