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There is more to this heat thing than I first suspected. The differences may seem small, between Texas sunshine and English cold and dark. But they are subtle, and huge, and reinforce that subconscious feeling that you are abroad.

Here’s the evidence –Things you Aren’t Prepared for as Brit in Texas:

1) I accidently knocked my jar of Marmite over onto the counter, and it poured out. Yes, poured — Marmite!

2) My tropical fishtank doesn’t need a heater. We have to make sure it stays cool enough!

3) The wax crayons I put into my car for my children to draw with melted.

4) We take the girls cycling after teatime, so it’s not too hot.

5) We worry over here in Texas about whether our outdoor, unheated swimming pools will get too hot to be refreshing, in August.

These may seem, as I say, trivial, but wrap them altogether and it amounts to some serious difference, I can tell you.

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