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About two months ago, I wrote my typical day into my blog; here’s my day today. It’s a pretty typical day.

Wake up around 7.15, because the room is full of the gorgeous Texas morning sun. My twins snuggle in bed with me for 15 minutes or so. Make a latte, grab some strawberries for the girls’ breakfast. Pull shorts and Ts onto the girls, and pull on my gym gear. Head out by around 8 am. Drive about 10 mins to school, kiss girls and leave them there. Drive back home and go to gym for 1 hour. Grab a latte from the clubhouse and have an airconditioned drive for about 15 mins, listening to the cool tones of Norah Jones.

Get home, shower, de-hair self in various places, top up nail polish, do hair. Daily maintenance on fishtank, watch fish for a bit. Grab sketchpad and pastels and sketch for about an hour. Surf the net, and read New Yorker. Clear up the flat (about 45 mins of time). Make backdrop for the fishtank, using paints and glitter (ha!). Even fishtanks can be glam!

Set off at 2pm to get girls; take to garage for routine maintenance, go to WholeFoods and shop (girls sit at table in the cafe next to the checkouts, and eat (yes, again) strawberries and drink juice.

get home, make tea, have icecream, have glass of wine, play with children, then bedtime. Mummy retires to bed to listen to Radio 4 on the Internet, and finish reading new yorker.

I feel happy, healthy (thin!!!), content. daniel is away in San Francisco at the moment, so day’s a little longer than usual. I miss him so much! But even so, I love my days :=) Maybe in 6 months I’ll be bored, but so far, it’s like an endless summer, the kind one tends to remember from when you were a child, 1976, the summer that lasted for ever. This is happiness for me. This is no past, no future, just now.

Only now is real, and Now for me is being with those I adore more than anything else in the world, in beautiful sunshine, with everything we need. I feel truly blessed and grateful. I am looking for ways in which I can give some of this back; I am starting at home, and researching recycling around here; I’ve switched to Earth-friendly products for cleaning. I shall find ways in which to volunteer some time to an area that needs people.

At the moment, I feel as I did when I was 19 or 20, energised by solar power.

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