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We’ve got loads of stuff done from selling the house to our cars — to finding a home for our little gerbils!

The extent of how many items and things and STUFF we’ve accumulated only becomes apparant once you have to consider who you will give it to or whether you will sell it. Consider this — when we board that plane to Dallas in two weeks’s time there must be nothing left in the house as the new buyer will not want it.

From alarm clocks to toasters to clothing hangers to teatowels to pot plants to knives & forks…. the list is endless.

And it’s just not acceptable to throw them away — it is our responsibility to find homes for them; waste is not an option when so many people have so little and when our rubbish dumps are overflowing.

Some things have sentimental value — wedding presents and similar items. These we shall give to our friends and family. But when you give something you should give it completely and not worry about what they will do with it 🙂

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