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Only two more days at work — after Friday I’ll be a free woman, no longer with employment 🙂

Our flight to Dallas is two weeks away on Friday. 10.30am. eeek.

Stepping into the Light

I’ll paint a new picture of me and you

and sketch soft white clouds in skies so blue,

I’ll draw spring grass green with diamond dew

as I hold your hand I’ll make it true.

The silence will smell sweet as jasmine flowers

as rare as time in a clock full of hours

the tick-tock beat with its gentle power

will strip the barriers of our self-built towers.

I can frame the past with gilt that is golden

the paint can be preserved with a healing lotion

showing subtle shades of people and emotion

that faintly echo the past commotion.

I’ll paint a new picture of me and you

a portait that is only ours to view

made with brushes and canvas entirely new

to show my real love in all its magical hues.

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