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365 iPad Drawings

365-overviewimageAbout this Project During 2010 through 2011, I created 365 iPad drawings. Each drawing was shared on social media such as twitter, and I aimed to upload one each day.

I wanted this project to be a visual diary, with no overall theme, and with each drawing taking no more than 30 minutes so that I would not begin spending all day making them ‘perfect’.  It was cathartic often to be able to ‘download’ my feelings into art this way, and I found it interesting to see what emerged each day.

By the end of the project, however, I had begun to understand the potential of the iPad as an art device, and it has absolutely changed the way I approach and create my oil paintings. As well as developing new skills, this project proved popular, and gained me a lot of publicity for my art; I was featured in print art magazines, on television (CBS11), I was commissioned to create artwork for an ebook, and was part of a social media, poetry and art project for the London 2012 Olympics (as part of the LIVELIVE project). In the end, the year of the iPad was an alternately fun, intense and enlightening one, and I hope you enjoy viewing the final drawings!

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