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Older Work & Miscellaneous

I began painting seriously in around 2003, and over the years of my training I painted and drew many hundreds of canvasses and sketches. Here are some of the ones that I still have photographs of, although some of the photographs are of poor quality.

I do love painting portraits and still lifes, and I am sure that these genres will weave their way back into my current abstractions at times.

Sunshine & Honeysuckle ~ self portrait looking at the light under the honeysuckle, expressing through color. The pose was inspired by the famous portrait of Che Guevara. (sold)

After Midnight - oil on canvas (self portrait in mirror, artist's collection)

The Sleeper (sold). The one is so pretty and also edgy - it's about life and death of course. The photo is really dark unfortunately.

Love this one so I kept it. I always favored making my still lifes edgier by making the object a bit uncomfortably large in the composition. This one is symbolic of the earth, the constellations and people's relationships. What? Can't you see all that here?!

portrait of an eight-year-old girl, using a flash to play with the flesh tones. She is bright, bold and modern!

water droplets & texture 🙂

Again playing with light - this portrait of a family member is quite dramatic!

An oil on canvas of Meribel, France, where I cross-country ski. loved the pink mass in the mid-ground (sold)

A large mural I did with a friend, in a school. The leaves are made of wallpaper brought in by the Kindergartners, who write on the back. When they leave in 5th grade, they take their Leaf with them.

A large oil painting on canvas; still life with a modern edge, inspired by 15-century altar paintings on wood panel

very small little study of yellow and (of course) light

two pairs of pears, oil on linen, mid-size

This small oil was part of my studying the proportional relationship between complementary colors, and how much of each a canvas can tolerate, in order to augment each other to its most brilliant

study of how things bend inside a bottle... oil on board

Small painting of Black's Beach, in La Jolla. Really liked the mood in this one. I used to spend a lot of time painting en plein aire, but I haven't got any of these works, or photos of most of them anymore.

Another Black's Beach one. I divided the canvas into quarters, to examine the compositional effect of this.

Guess what beach this is? My personal fave.