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Commissions & Sales

Installations & Films

Much of my artistic work manifests as art films that I display as installations, changing according to the environment (see my recent post about Aurora 2013 for a brief example). If you would like to discuss including my work in exhibits or need an installation created, please email me  to discuss your requirements.

Art for Design

I welcome requests to work with my art for items such as book covers, album covers, and stage design projects. As well as the original art, I also offer graphic typography and layout for such projects.


I am always happy to work to commission, and many of my works are created for individuals or companies. Each artwork is individual and based on the client’s needs, and no two artworks are the same. Commissioning a work is a straightforward and enjoyable experience, allowing me to work to your specific requirements. Sometimes, clients have seen a work of mine that has already sold and would like something with a similar inspiration, or have a particular size requirement and color scheme that they would like me to work with. Or they love nature and have a particular photograph that they would like to share with me. I also create portraits in my colorful, modern style, and welcome discussion of your interests and preferences.

Commissioning a work is easy. Just email me to get started.

Email Alison at alison@alisonjardine.com