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Join me on Saturday July 13 for a special ModArt event – an open studio with hands-on in-depth demonstrations, discussions on art, video presentations as well as tea and refreshments.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a working artist does all day, now’s your chance…. visit the modart website to book!

Please welcome into the world my newest painting, As the Sun Moves.

This is the first in my work produced as part of my residency project at the Dallas Arboretum. This and other paintings, as well as those by my friend and fellow-resident artist Erika Jaeggli, will be exhibited at the Arboretum in June.

It is 32″ square, and is multi-level, sculptural oil on canvas.

As the Sun Moves ~ 32" x 32" x 2.5" oil on sculptural canvas

I’m really thrilled to receive today a box full of copies of this excellent new book by Professor Stephen Yantis. My art is featured on the front, and the frontispiece. It’s particularly enjoyable for me as the book explores the same topics that I am interested in, from a scientific neurological perspective.

Sunlight and Silence is a work from my Natural Abstractions series. Forests form the core motif of all my work, particularly relating to the way light interacts with the shapes and shadows and the effect this has on us, the viewer.

This is a 50″ x 50″ x 2.5″ canvas, and please contact me if you would like more information at alison@alisonjardine.com

Below this large image, there is a Gallery of different shots of the canvas, including close-ups…

Sunlight and Silence ~ 50" x 50" oil on canvas by Alison Jardine


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60" x 40" oil on canvas

This is the very top left corner of a new 50″ painting from my Natural Abstractions series. I am close to completion after several months work, and am hoping I’ll be able to reveal it within a week or two…


The mist just clings still to the top of this forest, as the sun rises... this is the top left corner of a 50" canvas.

I’ve been doing some daily paintings in my studio, as I progress some of my work from my (as yet unrevealed) new series.

I’ve been using oil-paint glazes with various additives to experiment with color and the handing of thinned paint. It’s light relief from the detailed work I am doing on my new paintings, and I am also perfecting some recipes of glazes and techniques that I’ll integrate into these future works.

I’ve done three so far, and for tomorrow I have some paper ready-primed for experimentation…. As usual with me, these are all about capturing the idea and manifestation of light.


Loving the macro lens with my NEX-5R! These fabulous ceramics with this rare Bohemian glaze are at Barry Whistler gallery.

In early February the full collection of my photographs of the Dallas art world for Sony’s “Hidden” project will be on display at the Sony Store in the Galleria, Dallas, for a week.

Macro lens allows focus on a single depth...