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New Work

These paintings are from my new series, as yet untitled. These continue to explore the idea of abstraction from sunlight, and I follow a pre-defined process using a camera to create them.

Each resulting oil painting is photographed, and this photograph becomes part of the process of creating the next oil painting. This process leads to my being able to explore the places where digital painting and pigment painting overlap, and where there is a clear distinction. As well as technical discoveries, I am also able to layer in my larger exploration of memory and perception, and the effect and implications of storage – organic or digital – on our memories and narratives.

These are both 36″ x 36″ x 2.5″ oil on hand-stretched canvas. Please email if you would like further photographs or information at alison@alisonjardine.com.

Better yet, visit them in person in my studio in Deep Ellum! More paintings from this series are in the works….