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Studio Renovations!

The Black Wall! Soon to be Midnight Blue Wall ... possibly... plus, my helpers, resting.

More progress today, with my two fantastic helpers! We painted two of the large walls brilliant white ~ the height of them is really emphasised now, as are the lovely old wood rafters and joists in the ceiling.

After much debate, we decided to leave the wall that is already painted black ~ it’s a seductively dramatic counterpoint to the old red brick, and white walls. Plus, everyone who visited commented on how nice my artwork looks against the black.

I am considering making it midnight blue instead, to soften it a little. We’ll see.

busy painting with brilliant white emulsion - those rafters were higher than we expected...

For now, we are done – tomorrow, I start painting there. I want to keep it clutter free, clear and clean, and as a space that promotes a calm focus.

Continental Gin artist studios, Deep Ellum, Dallas

Considering that every other studio I’ve visited in the Gin building (where the artist has been there more than one year) are stuffed full of towers of rugs, and boards, and various bric-a-brac, this may be wishful thinking. But I’ll try…

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