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Navigating the Space Between Home and Exile

Working on concepts for my artwork for the Transcultural Collective’s first project, Navigating the Space between Home and Exile, I spent today playing with graphite powder and other drawing media.

Meeting five families now living in the DFW area has left a powerful emotional imprint on me, after hearing the stories of how they were compeled to leave their homes, and eventually came to live in the US.

I am looking to make an abstraction that expresses their experiences, shocking and heart-rending as they are. The families showed great courage in embracing a new life in a strange country, and also in being willing to tell a group of writers, artists, and documentary makers about themselves so candidly. My final work will be in oils, and different techniques will make different approaches necessary, but these serve to establish my ‘psychic’ mood, the workspace in my ‘minds eye’.

sketch doodles with drawing media


I have also nearly completed a new painting in my existing series, although this new one is inspired by one of the stories I heard. It’s not quite finished, but its close….

Unfinished .... but close



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