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February 2012 Newsletter


February 2012

Artist Alison Jardine’s Newsletter
500XPO 2012, Dallas
Lytle Pressley Gallery, Austin
Project 7×7
YouTube & iPad Draw 365

500XPO 2012

I am delighted that my work has been accepted into one of the foremost and most competitive annual juried shows, 500XPO. This year, it was juried by renowned painter Aaron Parazette who Dallas-based readers may remember from his 2010 solo show at Dunn & Brown Contemporary. 

From their website: 

“500X Gallery is Texas’ oldest, artist run, cooperative gallery. Established in 1978, 500X provides one of the best exhibition spaces to up and coming artists in the city of Dallas…”

Please join me for the reception and enjoy some of the best contemporary art in north Texas. 
Reception: February 18th ~ 7pm until 10pm ~ 500X Gallery, 500 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226.

The show remains open until March 4, 2012. 500X is open Saturday & Sundy, from noon until 5pm, and weekdays by appointment. 

Lytle Pressley Gallery
Anatomy of a Memory ~ 20″ x 20″ oil on wood

My latest painting Anatomy of a Memory has been accepted for exhibition in Lytle Pressley Gallery, in Austin.

The exhibit will be on display from March 3rd to March 12th (reception date has yet to be announced).
Anatomy of a Memory is part of my PixelNation series, exploring how events become changed and subject to a personal narrative when they become memories, either in our minds or in our ubiquitous digital devices.

7×7 Project ~ An Artistic Collaboration
Seven Artists :: Seven Artworks :: Seven Days

Project 7×7’s website

I am one of seven artists working collaboratively as part of Project 7×7, created by artist Christian Millet.

Project 7×7 is a collaboration between seven artists from different styles & backgrounds. The idea is to create seven fine-art pieces between seven artists in seven working days each. Each of the seven pieces will be passed in turn between each artist, who will work on it for just 24 hours.
Each artist will originate one support, and be the second, third, fourth, fifth, six or seventh artist on each canvas/board/support.
The challenge is to react to what has already been done, as we add to (or subtract from!) what has been done before, keeping our minds focussed on allowing a final work of art to develop.
The seven artists invited are:
The final works of art will be on exhibit at Rising Gallery in Dallas in May. Watch this space!

YouTube & iPad #draw365
Since December 2010, I have been on a quest to create an iPad drawing every day. Inspired by Hockney, and also drawn to the idea of a quick, ‘diaristic’ e-sketchbook, in which I can offload (download?) images and ideas in full color, I am currently on drawing number 352 as I write this.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this project which has brought me a lot of publicity including features in art magazines. It has also inspired new threads and ideas into my every day studio practice, and the art I create. 
I have also recently started sharing the videos on YouTube of the recording of how I draw them. Brushes, the program I use to sketch most often, has a facility in which it automatically records your every move. 
You can reach me by…


I often work to commission, through interior designers or directly with clients. I am always happy to discuss your specific art requirements.  
Warmest regards
Alison Jardine

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All works are licensed under a non-derivative creative commons copyright (2003 to 2012 Alison Jardine). If you wish to share my artworks or text, include following text with the item:  © Alison Jardine, artist ~ www.alisonjardine.com.

For any commercial purposes, please contact me to receive written authorization in advance.

Thank you!
Alison Jardine

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