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I am relishing the chance to ‘download’ the images that occur to me each day into my iPad. I try to let anything flow out without editing, and this has created a sort of visual diary of what I have been thinking about or feeling. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get all of what I would like to create made into visible, tangible works, and syphoning some of them off has really been a relief.

Here are my most recent images. My commitment is to post (although sometimes I post two) each day.iPad drawing 48 - My Bedpost, The Lily

iPad drawing 47 - A Memory (1)

iPad drawing 45 - Mandelbrot Midnight
iPad drawing 44 - Plastic Organics
iPad drawing number 42 - existence or something like it

iPad drawing number 40 - I think of you frequently...

iPad drawing number 39 - They Left At Midnight

iPad drawing 38 - Crowded

iPad Sketch Number 35 - Field

iPad drawing number 34 - Sunflowers Redux

iPad drawing number 33 - portrait in a doctors office

iPad drawing number 31 - Pointillistic Trees

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