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Xue Contemporary Gallery, Mind Rules Matter

Inaugural Exhibition

TranscendenceA new gallery in the design district of Dallas, several of my works were featured in Xue Contemporary’s inaugural exhibition, Mind Rules Matter. My husband and children represented me at this event as I was at the Third Coast National in Corpus Christi (if you want to read my blog post about it, the link is at the bottom), so I have relatively little to share about it besides the photograph! I did visit the gallery later however, and I can say I find the space incredibly inspiring as a modern art venue.

It is in a terraced warehouse space in the design district of Dallas, with up and over ‘garage’ style doors at both ends. With three different areas, one of which is a separate room, the exhibit had three different moods. The co-owner, EZ Cambranis, originally from Barcelona, is passionate about art, and worked incredibly hard to get the gallery ready. It looked wonderful for the opening, and he’s continued to work to improve it further since then.

In the front room, three of my Disorder series works were hanging, and I think they looked great in this smaller space. In the largest space of the gallery, my Transcendence is hanging and looking jewel-like, alongside many other vibrant and modern works.

This show is still up and Transcendence is available at Xue Contemporary (address: 2204 Irving Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75207). This gallery is a little further along than the Dallas Contemporary, very close to Marty Walker gallery, so it’s a great location, and the gallery keeps regular hours.

I hope you will visit.

Going Solo

I have more exciting news! EZ has invited me to put together a solo show next year. It will be either March or April, depending on the time it takes for me to prepare my works. This is a big step for me, although in fact my logical next step. What’s more: I’m ready. I have a clear idea of what I want to do, which is a mix of an entirely new series with a different inspiration than I’ve shown before, and that I will keep secret until the show, as well as new, even better and more beautiful Trees and large Waterfall paintings, which will all work within my theme (also under wraps, for now).

I am still researching my theme, printing out documents and combining ideas, writing them in journals, pulling together threads. I can imagine the whole 360 degree of the show, from the textual meanings, the historical, the references to technology and culture, the colors, experience, ambience… I can see and feel it all so clearly.

The question I will slowly answer is: can I translate this into a real, tangible show. How far do I go? Will I be a good ‘editor’ of my own ideas? Will I limit myself too much? The short answer right now is that I don’t care. Whatever I produce will be the best I can produce at this moment, all the above caveats notwithstanding. I will accept myself. my works, dedicate myself to them, but ultimately move on.

There will be no looking back.

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