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July Newsletter

New Artwork Available

Within, Without

Within, Without ~ 36" x 36" oil on canvas. (c) Alison Jardine 2010.

Within, Without is now available at UGallery.
The brilliant colors on the pruned crepe myrtles express the inner life of the trees, and the heat of the day that makes them seem so alive. The pruning of crepe myrtles creates strangely alien knots, and joints, an intentional but unintentional sculpture.

A Year in Review

Highlights From My Year of Art

2009 to 2010 has been a very successful year for my art, and I have been part of many wonderful art events, exhibits and had some very unexpected awards and articles for my art. These are just a few of the highlights of my year so far.

Winner of the Art of Elan competition

Award Winner

Prize-winning Beginnings: The image on the left, Trees Squared (56″ x 56″ oil on canvas) was the first in my Geometric Trees series, that I completed about this time last year. In a way, this painting began my professional life as a full-time artist. It was the winning painting in the Art of Elan competition, in Dallas, which offered $1000 dollar prize, plus a six-month free lease on a gallery and studio space. I finally left this space in April of 2010, with many fond memories and much gratitude to the supportive and creative people who run the Elan properties in Dallas.

Summer Trees ~ 50" x 50" oil on canvas. Available at Ugallery


New Gallery: In December, I was accepted for representation by Ugallery, an online curated art gallery. Unlimited by geography, it offers a unique opportunity to show my work to the art lovers across America, and around the world. I have sold works to collectors from the East to West coast, and also internationally. I hope you will visit the gallery, to see my work there. Ugallery “represents today’s top emerging artists – tomorrow’s art world. An expert panel of curators selects each artist, giving the gallery a diverse and sought-after collection of media, styles, and perspectives. Try any artwork from our collection in your home for seven days with free return shipping.”

Catching Clouds ~ 36" x 36"

Affordable Art Fair, New York

Fairly Fantastic: In May, I had the incredible pleasure of being chosen as one of a handful of artists presented by Ugallery at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City.
I flew in to enjoy the show, in which hundreds of galleries from around the world showed work by a selection of their artists. The preview night featured cocktails and evening gowns on Wednesday, followed by four days and nights of meeting art lovers from New York ~ and beyond. I was interviewed by a British magazine, which appears in their July/August issue! I sold several works there, and was thrilled to meet so many people who connected with my work.

Magazine Features

Sunrise ~ 36" x 36". Available at Ugallery.

Write-ups: I have been featured in three magazines: Poets & Artists self-portrait edition (Fall, 2009); a full-page article in the Face of Chelmsford (UK), and I also was featured on the cover of The Art Guide. I am also very honored that the website of the venerable maker of fine paints, Sennelier,contacted me to feature me as an artist on their site. Coming soon!

Me and Tree

It's me, and my Fall Tree

About My Work: Color and movement are the two key elements in my oil paintings, and I compose these into what I call my ‘natural abstractions’; the color embodies emotions and perception, and the movement relates to the human body, an expression of physicality and energy. The tree motif that I frequently use has roots in Jungian psychology, and depicts inner landscapes.

Find Out More… You can find me on twitter (@alisonjardine) ~ Facebook (Alison Jardine) or on my website (alisonjardine.com).

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