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Works In Progress – My Blue Period

The night draws me in, and my works are reflecting this. Three new works are emerging from the subtle tones found just after the sun sets, and before it rises.
The motif of the tree provides the structure that is both a compositional element, and a symbolic one. Few things in the human psyche represent adventure, danger, pleasure and fear as much as the icon on the tree, and few have starred in as many of our species’ myths and stories.

Work in Progress... "Dancing with the Stars" Oil, conte crayon, graphite, charcoal on 2" deep cradled wood box, 16" x 20" ($350) - no frame needed

Dancing with the Stars” is oil on board, and I used many different tools to scrape lines away, and add them, including conte crayon, charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, and the tips of brushes. Close up, there are many delicate lines where the paint has been scraped away that connects the white stars with the earth, and the tree, as they drape as delicately as a spiderweb. It is on a 2″ deep cradled wood box, with no need for framing. “Dancing With the Stars” will be available only directly from my studio ($350). If you are interested in reserving it, please email me at alison@alisonjardine.com.

Work in Progress ... "Around the Woods At Night" ~ oil on canvas 46" x 32"

Around the Woods At Night” is the latest large piece from my “Geometric Trees” series, based on many of my favorite themes and juxtapositions. Circles and squares contrast with the organic lines of what will become realistic tree branches, twisting away into the canopy. In this work, the negative space of the sky becomes the positive space, it glows in the brightness of the moon. In this artwork, many layers of paint will be needed to achieve the final result. This is week one, third layer…

If you are interested in reserving this work, please email me at alison@alisonjardine.com.

More Blue Works in Private Collections

Dot Dot Dash

"Dot Dot Dash" ~ oil on canvas, 24" x 36" (c) Alison Jardine

Starry Night ~ Before Dawn

Midnight Trees

Walk With Me

Catching Clouds