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Still Life as a Mirror

My Studio ~ work in progress....

Day One: composition & color balance

I am working on this new still life, showing the bottles and cans on my table. This table is a large glass tabletop on two trellis legs. It is incredibly versatile for me, as I can use it directly as my palette, and it is a huge surface for me to spread out my paints on.

Artist's studio table - work in progress 2

Day Two: shapes emerging....

This canvas will be composed of patterns, grey, blue, gold, black, white, that seen from a distance will form a recognizable image. Inevitably, it expresses my feelings about my subject ~ my warm golden oils that seem to glow with an inner light; the moody, complex overlapping glass; the can of Gamsol that has a skewed perspective, wrapping around the left of the composition; the balancing terracotta pot in which I keep my brushes being the compositional balance.

This canvas is, as all art objects truly are, a self-portrait.

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