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Future Imperfect

Future Trees in the Fall

Future Trees in the Fall

My new series of works is laden with emotion for me as an artist. Stepping into consciousness of the flow of time in my own life can be tormenting and exhilarating, a seeming contradiction. One the one hand, there is the recognition of achievements, of survival, of love, the accumulation of knowledge and to some degree wisdom. On the other, the reality that we all must face at one time or another, that of our own mortality, and perhaps worse, the mortality of those around us.


Work in progress ... The Painted Tree

These current works are some of the brightest and most joyfully celebratory works I have ever made. They are the joy I feel just because I am here. In creating these artworks, I saw the world anew, a fresh creation, a wonder. Tones are relative in painting, as Van Gogh wrote about in his letters to Theo while creating the Potato Eaters, with the brightest whites being created only by the darks that surround it. What an accurate metaphor for life. In these paintings, I am standing in the sun that the darkness created.


Sunshine & Honeysuckle

In these artworks, I see the world like a child before the world is defined for her, before words explain and by explaining limit our perception and before the child is laden down with others’ disappointments and griefs. In their color and energy, they are defiant and ever hopeful.

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  • Britney Bennett November 10, 2009, 9:43 pm

    Sunshine & Honeysuckle is simply beautiful. I love it.