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Green Fingers

This latest work (in progress) continues my motif of the tree, and my organic pointillism, adapting it from the stillness of Trees Squared towards a more active surface. Here, the variety in the size of the squares creates a pull, focusing the viewers inwards towards the centers of the canvas.

I write “centers” plural deliberately as there are several in this piece; I have created a visual dance as the colors I have taken from looking upwards to blue skies through trees dance in spirals, some small, some larger, giving a vibrant rhythm to the image.

The tree branches take on a figurative role, dancing and contrasting in their fluidity with the squares, reaching out and offering the beauty of the tree to the viewer. These are being created with hundreds of thin lines of colors ~ purples, yellows, browns, reds.

It is a visually arresting image, while still capturing the essence of the landscape, a summer festival of lights.

There are many more layers to go on this painting before I am satisfied …. watch this space!

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