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I very very grateful to have won the Elan Art Contest, and very grateful for the wonderful prizes. I have always trodden paths that were not conventional, in directions that were fiercely individual, and to have my art ~ which is deeply personal to me ~ chosen is an affirmation to me to keep on working.I am looking forward to developing my series of natural abstractions further over the next months as I move to my new gallery on Northwest Highway. It will be hard work, which is always the most rewarding and worthwhile kind.

For now, I am off to Easel Art, my local art supply store, to replenish my stocks as I begin my next painting. This one, which will be called “Before the Dawn” is inspired by pre-dawn pastel sketches I made, of the silhouette of some very Texan plants against an infinite purple~blue pre-dawn sky. I find the scene bewitching and primal, and I am compelled to capture it’s essence through my squares of color, and enclosing lines. I love the world when no one else stirs, and it feels as if they sky belongs to you alone.

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