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Spring Leaves & Shrapnel

fragmentation Update to the last post! One of my works shown below as a work in progress is now finished! The next one is still in progress, and is becoming a vibrant, firework show of a view of nature.

“Fragmentation” is a step in a series exploring visual perceptions of forests, trees, leaves. I call them natural abstractions, and my technique ‘organic pointillism’. Perspectives are flattened into patterns, leaves become brushstrokes and the sky behind becomes part of this flat pattern, broken into discrete shapes.

I layered lighter shapes on darker, to create limited depth or a sense of tactile roundness. Still two-dimensional, the leaf patterns begin to edge out the rhythm of the branches, creating an overall unity of pattern, color and size of stroke.

The blue sky remains, though much less of will remain in my next piece.

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  • Joyce Lieberman July 6, 2009, 3:57 am

    very nice, I’ve been interested in this imagery too,
    love the flickering light through the lacey trees.

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