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Homesick & Ranting!

Americans express their freedom through displaying conformity. (paraphrased from writings of Jean Paul Sartre).

The Constitution declares the right to free speech and religion (try exercising the latter, in Texas!), so the American people can heave a sigh of relief, and shut up. They really don’t want to talk about what free speech is, or how it might differ or be similar around the world. Just don’t talk about it — it’s Declared, after all…

I have to temper this post by saying that I am feeling a lot of pent up emotions about living as an ex-pat, and basically would really appreciate going home, to where people understand me so easily… and I’m taking it out on America, which is not really fair. Individual Americans I’ve met so far have been extremely nice and welcoming. But I think I can state without prejudice that Americans have perfected the art of conformity — conformity = uniformity. Learn how to express this, and you have the perfect uniform to wear, to ensure that you fit in in public spaces…

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