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Drive Through

Just got my Venti Mochiati from drive-in Starbucks, picked up my prescriptions from the drive through chemist, withdrew some cash from the drive-through ATM, got a Texas Toast breakfast from drive-through restaurant, did a 3-minute confession at my local drive-through church (they have a lovely statue of Our Lady above their window and the priest wears a headset microphone), and I got my nails buffed at a drive-through manicurist which is next to the drive-through carwash, right before I dropped my kids off at the drive-through window of their school.

Later, I plan to drive to the gym to take some exercise on the automated running machine … just to make absolutely sure i don’t meet anyone or have to talk to anyone unless I am in my big car….after all, one feels so….small…as a pedestrian.

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