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this morning, Tuesday, I am watching the birds come to the seed I put out on the balcony. We have resident Blue Jays, brilliant Red Cardinals & spouse, loads of sparrows, and the occasional red-headed house Finch. The newest addition to our family is a chili plant, with purple, orange and red chilli peppers, and it lives next to the fern on our balcony. I also have two small pots of catci (belongs to the girls), and a very large plant with huge fronds, but that lives indoors.

Actually, really the newest one is our new Town & Country car from Chrysler 🙂 Not only is it huge, but it’s leather everything, with premium surround sound, electronic stats display, etc, etc. It’s and LV — Luxury Vehicle (heh!) Now we really are set for a trip to the coast.

The weather is gorgeous at the moment; bright & sunny, but staying on the right side of 100 degrees. So you can get around in comfort, but tan at the same time. But boy do you need mosquito repellant here! the girls say mosquita, as that is the local pronunciation! they are also learning to pledge allegiance to the “uuusss skates of america”. 🙂 How strange.

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