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I wonder what I’ll be doing a year from today?

Today, I am a Programme Manager for amazon.co.uk, a company I’ve worked for since it was tiny, and which I like very much. I have a husband who works too, and twins who are just a month or two younger than amazon.co.uk 🙂 We live in Surrey in a little cottage, have two cars, and drink lots of nice wine 🙂 We hardly go out on our own anymore, but we have fabulous weekends with our lovely girls where we have lots of fun.

Life is settled and sure.

In a years time — anything could have happened! I’ll look back and update this Blog in a years’ time.

I might not be working at all, I may decide being with my babies is what I want to do. I may work for charity, or try to write a novel 🙂 I may become a gardener, or decide to take up yogic meditation.

Whatever, as long as I have my family, any change will be positive. I shall compare my new life only to the future, not to the past. The past I shall remember and occasionally visit, but it shall not be the rule against which I measure the next year.

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