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It’s Tuesday night, and the house is pretty much ready — everything remaining in the house are items we wish to take, whether with us on the plane, for delivery to the US, or for delivery to the US but to go into storage until we’ve bought a house.

Its very exciting now. Daniel and I are both unemployed, we’ve sold our only residence, and we have no cars 🙂

What’s interesting is that this doesn’t matter. We both feel so very free from having rehomed every expensive little item that we had stuffed in some cupboard, the loft, the garage. What we have remaining is one of each of the items we need in our lives, for comfort, as well as practicality. In fact, so very very much of what we as people surround ourselves with — houses, cars, hi-fi, crystal glasses, the latest style car, a fancy telephone — are not core to our sense of well being. We really don’t need them — in fact, they themselves generate worry, they generate fear, they generate the potential of being a victim, exposed to the actions of other people on those accumulated items, or an Act of God.

what matters is that we can continue to have those we love in our lives; and that we continue to appreciate them.

Isn’t it interesting that sometimes it really is those around you who see the best of you?

So, so so. On Friday of this week, we’ll be spending the afternoon in Dallas! It seems unbelievably close, considering that this enterprise has been in the planning stage since Christmas, as a serious endeavour that is. It is like launching a huge project. The idea stage runs right back to August 2002, when Daniel did some work for this company in Dallas. And now, finally, this week, it is coming to fruition.

Once we had let the idea settle in that we might do this, certainly for me at any rate, the enormity of this move really hit me when I quite work, and even more so today.

Everything about this is huge — the change to my life is huge; the sums of money involved are huge; the gamble is huge; the change for the girls is huge; for Daniel, this opportunity is huge. And the effect on our lives regarding our family and friends is huge too.

The sunshine beckons; i am ready for this now. I am open to the thrills, spills and bellyaches that will no doubt follow 🙂

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