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Works in Real Life

This page is a work in progress, and I will be adding to this frequently.
Included here are some photographs of my works hanging in various locations, galleries, events, houses, and so on.

You can also view a “Virtual Walkthrough” of my recent solo show, PixelNation, which shows many of my works on display in the ArtCentre of Plano, a beautiful restored old Victorian house.

Please email me with any questions at alison@alisonjardine.com. If you are a collector of my work, and have a photograph of it in its new home that you would like to share. please send it to me – I’d love to share it on this page.

Edge of Winter ~ 36" x 36" oil on canvas



A beautiful cat (and Dusk Falling 🙂




Catching Clouds in its new home...

Trenton Doyle Hancock and me in front of "Impermanence", part of 2010's Third Coast National show. Trenton was the juror.

The Sleeper and me on exhibit...

Transcendence, in a gallery in Dallas

The Painted Tree brightes up an office...

Sunshine & Honeysuckle in its new home

Modern Romance being delivered. In the mirror, you can see Trees Squared, another painting purchased by this collector.

Summer Trees

"Summer Trees" at exhibit at Studio2Gallery, Austin

Look Up! & Catching Clouds at the AAF in Manhattan, May 2010

Summer Trees (50" x 50") on a wall!

Trees Squared and Before Dawn on the wall of the collector.

Trees in my Dallas Studio

The red one in the front is 5o" ~ the ones in the back are 40".

Painted Tree & Primavera

Painted Tree & Primavera - The Painted Tree is even more beautiful when considered in its surroundings.

Me and Tree

It's me, and my tree as photographed by my daughter one Saturday morning.


Snowstorm on the wall during an exhibit.

It's a Long Shot

A long shot of a retail space that they hung in. Visible are Metaphor and Summer Trees.