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June 2012 Newsletter

June 2012

Artist Alison Jardine’s Newsletter
7×7 Project ~ June 1st Reception
New Works
Transcultural Collective
CBS11 Interview
London 2012 Olympics

7×7 Project Opening Reception


Profile Photograph
Our Mother’s House ~ 32″ x 50″ oil on canvas

Friday June 1st

7pm to 10pm

Rising Gallery
800 Jackson Street, Dallas 

Project 7×7 features the work of seven diverse artists from the Dallas area. We each worked on all seven pieces in turn, to create seven artworks that will be auctioned live for charity (Alley’s House) on Friday night. 


The7×7 Project was founded and managed by Christian Millet, and the artists collaborating are:
Alison Jardine, Patricia Rodriguez, Douglas Winter III, Kevin Obregon, Dan
 Colcer, Kevin Gilmore and JMR.


Each artist will also show solo work, and I will be featuring  new paintings such as the one shown above, Our Mother’s House. 

I hope you can join me there on Friday. If not, below I have included a selection of my new work that will be exhibited during this exhibition.

New Works
Relative Time ~ 30″ x 50″ oil on canvas


Our Mother’s House ~ 32″ x 50″ oil on canvas




June 17, 2011: Saatchi & Kew ~ 20″ x 20″ oil on wood panel



Sunlight II Variant II ~ 36″ x 40″ oil on canvas





Sunlight III Variant II ~ 36″ x 40″ oil on canvas




Sunlight IV ~ 30″ x 36″ oil on canvas






The Transcultural Collective
I am a member of the newly founded Transcultural Collective, a group comprised of international artists, filmmakers, and writers. 
Founded by Iraqi artist Waleed Arshad, our first project aims to express the experiences of Iraqi families living in exile in the DFW area, both from their experiences in Iraq, and since moving to the US. 
We will be creating an exhibit that will tour museums and cultural centers, and countries, launching in the Iraqi Cultural Center in Washington, DC. 
We will be creating a new website with more details of our projects, and I will share this in my next month’s newsletter. 

Profile Photograph Profile Photograph
CBS 11 Interview
My feature on CBS11 still hasn’t shown yet! TV schedules are volative, it would seem. However, it is currently scheduled to air on the 10pm news on June 10th, during the Tony Awards!
I have no guarantee it will actually air though, but if you want to set your DVR you never know…!

London 2012 Olympics ~ the LIVELIVE Project
With the Olympics approaching, there’s every chance you’ll see one of my iPad works showing on the BBC’s Big Screens that are all around the UK!
The LIVELIVE Project is part of the UK’s Cultural Olympiad, and has already shown edition one of their new digital periodical on these screens. 
People tweeted using the hashtag #celebratedpoem, and poet Dan Simpson crafted a poem he’ll perform from them. I’ve chosen some of these phrases to create iPad drawings off, and also shared them using this hashtag. 
You can view all of the works here on Pinterest, and below is a selection of three….
Profile Photograph
Our Limbs / Once Restless /Dance
Profile Photograph
Thunderous Skies / Silver Rain
Profile Photograph
Party Dresses!
You can reach me by…


I often work to commission, through interior designers or directly with clients. I am always happy to discuss your specific art requirements.  
Warmest regards
Alison Jardine

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All works are licensed under a non-derivative creative commons copyright (2003 to 2012 Alison Jardine). If you wish to share my artworks or text, include following text with the item:  © Alison Jardine, artist ~ www.alisonjardine.com.

For any commercial purposes, please contact me to receive written authorization in advance.

Thank you!
Alison Jardine



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