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Wet Canvas

Exploring further the optical sensation of light through trees, I am working on two new art pieces that deconstruct the natural world around me. As I walk through the trees here in Texas, I see endless patterns of light like brushstrokes, organic shapes that nestle next to each other, some merging, some discrete. The tints and tones create form and movement to my eye, and I can focus on two distinct realities; that of the patterns that form the whole, or that of the whole.

My works focus on the patterns, in order to reconstruct a unique reality of the world around, a natural pointillism, uniform and yet lacking order. A more formal pointillism brings stillness; my organic pointillism brings movement and passion.

These works in oil on canvas are emerging over several weeks, layer after layer, color after color, shape after shape. They are both 40″ by 40″, and I hope to complete them within the next week.

I will update when they are complete! There’s so many more layers to go…

Works in Progress

Works in Progress ~ Day One

Works in Progress

Works in Progress ~ Week Two

Works in Progress

Works in Progress ~ Week Three

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