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Let it Snow!

When we woke up on Saturday morning, the Texan world was wrapped in a thick, silent and crunching blanket of white. In the night, about 3 or 4 inches of feathery, sticky snow had laid itself over trees, gardens and roofs. It didn’t take long to get the girls into their ski suits; two hours later they were running with the neighbourhood kids like they’d lived here all their lives. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend. We were due to meet friends at the dallas children’s museum, but we cancelled — Texans do NOT know how to drive in the snow. The last time so much snow fell in Dallas and north Dallas (Plano, etc) was about 20 years ago. Instead, when we judged the roads were clear enough, we headed up to our favourite lunch destination. Asian Big Bowl offers freshly cooked noodle and rice dishes from their Bar, where the customer chooses the veggies & meats/seafood, as well as delicious drinks like Hibiscus Green Tea, or, if you are in the mood, a Shanghai Tang. The best bit is that it is very healthy, fresh and tasty, and for the four of us it’s never over 40 dollars, which is just great.

Once we were suitably fortified, we headed slowly over to a park, in which we had a snowball fight, added another snowman to the extensive selection already on show in the neighbouring field, and I warmed the girls fingers every now and then in my furry coat’s pocket.

Just magic; I felt that we served a slice straight from my memories of growing up in Yorkshire.

later, we snuggled up in front of a log fire, and watched a DVD together.

And when we woke up, it was 65 degrees, and not a trace a snow.

Yes that’s right. The snow came and went in one day. It is now spring.

Bemused? You will be. That’s Texas.

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