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Back at work after the Easter holidays. Blah. It’s so hard to motivated combined with the unusually nice weather over here in England. Everyone in the office is demotivated, and struggling to complete work.

Wonder what my day will be like in Dallas? Here, I drag myself out of bed at 6am, set off at around 6.45, get to work for around 7am, work, lunch, go home, put girls to bed and go to sleep ..[iterated]

that’s a long time out of the house. It’s a long time working for someone else, to enrich someone else largely.

Well, I plan to make this next year one that I remember on my deathbed. I doubt I’ll look back and say in a satisfied tone “I worked really hard for someone else. I feel really fulfilled.”

But it’s just possible that I’ll get satisfaction from saying “I spent a glorious year with my children, and really got to know them”.

I am definitely ready to shed my skin 🙂

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