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Make Great Art on your iPad

Learn how to make art on your iPad, Surface or even your phone! I will introduce you to the principles of drawing and painting as I teach to my students, such a composition and as well as step by step projects from landscapes, to street art, to ultra-realism. 

Each chapter begins with a Masterworks section, featuring inspiring artists and art works, and there are fun, quick tips for making the most of the digital possibilities.




As the publisher writes: “You don’t have to be an artist to achieve great results on your iPad, and this refreshingly accessible book is perfect for skilled artists and aspiring creatives alike. Alongside step-by-step projects that teach the fundamentals of digital painting, there are easy and fun artistic tricks that anyone can try. You’ll master the most popular art apps and learn new painting and drawing skills along the way.”

Tutorials include: What Would Banksy Do? ~ Things you Can’t do with a Pencil ~ One-Minute Portrait ~ Purrrrrfect Pets ~ Our Not-So-Still Life ~ Objects of Desire ~ Understanding Color ~ Designing and Artwork … and much, much more!